Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A-Z Challenge Day 3: C is for Cupcakes and Caesar

This one is a toss up between two things: cupcakes - making them and eating them, and Caesar, my sock monkey!

I'm not a "from scratch" baker, but I'm really good at embellishing box mixes and fancying up otherwise plain cupcakes. And I'm not afraid to try bold flavors - just as long as they're gluten free.

As for Caesar, he became a part of my life over a year ago. One of my readers has a daughter who has cancer, and she loves seeing pictures of him and his friends getting into mischief.

This is Caesar:

And here are some cupcakes I've made:

These are gluten free Devil's Food with coconut, filled with raspberry filling,
topped with chocolate frosting and sprinkled with coconut flakes

And these are gluten free chocolate cayenne, frosted with cherry frosting, 
and topped with chopped cashews and toasted coconuts


  1. One of my favorite monkeys!! And some day I'm going to come visit and we shall have a monkey cupcake party


  2. Those cupcakes look really good. I have a soft spot of anything cake.

    1. Thanks! For me it's just cupcakes - oddly I don't like regular cake for some reason.

  3. Gluten free? Ah, a woman after me own heart. Still working on gluten free. I've come up with a lot of things to substitute. You might call this my WIP, :-) I don't do much out of a box for health reasons--all learned the hard way, sigh. I can't have wheat either. I love whole grains but they hate me. Sheesh.

    Cesar is cute! What a great idea to dress him up in different outfits.

    Did you know you have word verification or captcha?

    1. Well, that would be a guy after your own heart, but it's all good. LOL Thankfully the box mixes - with a little tweaking - have worked out well for me. I say thankfully because I lack the motivation to cook from scratch.

      I didn't realize I had captcha on, no. No one has ever mentioned it.