Be My Guest

Wanna be a guest on my blog?

There are four ways!

1. Random Date - Need last minute promo? Hit me up. I'll give you as close to the date you need as I can. No guarantees on availability, though.

2. Friendly Fridays - This will be every Friday and it's a day for guest posts. You can do any type of post you like - straight up promo, something serious, something funny - anything, any topic. Nothing is taboo. Wanna bitch about religion or politics? Go for it. Wanna talk about your bellybutton lint? Have at it. Post pictures or not. Run a contest or not. It's all up to you. This does not just apply to published authors. All industry professionals (publishers, cover artists, editors, reviewers) or readers with something to say are welcome as well. Friendly Friday posts trump all others - as in, no matter what else is going on - blog hops, new releases, etc. You cannot have a "random" spot on a Friday if a Friendly Friday is booked.

3. Under the Cover - Want a safe place to rant about that review you got? You know, the one where the reviewer clearly didn't get your character's POV? Or maybe the one where they got the character's name wrong? Or maybe you want to go into deeper detail about something small in your book. Maybe you want to clarify something that readers are always asking about, or interpreting wrong. Here's your chance. Under The Cover is a themed post - it's all about the behind-the-scenes of your book.

4. Deleted Scenes - Got a scene that you absolutely loved writing, but didn't make the final cut? Share it with your readers!

To book a date, e-mail me at (dcjuris at stny dot rr dot com)

Post Requirements:

1. Any word count. (no min/max)

2. Any heat rating from sweet to OMFG-why-didn't-that-come-with-a-fire-extinguisher?? (I'll apply a NSFW tag to the post title as necessary)

3. Only .doc or .docx file types. (NO .rtf)

4. Posts must be edited for typos.

5. DO NOT EMBED YOUR PHOTOS. If you have photos you want included in your post, please attach them to the e-mail. Please do not embed them.

6. Posts MUST be given to me at least 72 hours in advance. I will not sit up until 2 AM waiting for your procrastinating ass to get your shit together. ::sweet smile::

7. BUY A CALENDAR. Well, that's not really a post requirement, but seriously - if you schedule a day, write it down on a calendar of some form. You will not receive a reminder e-mail from me. You're an adult - keep track of your schedule.