Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cranberries and Spice Blog Hop

Please be aware: I write GLBTQ romance. This blog posting contains an excerpt from an m/m/m romance - that's male/male/male. As in male/male/male sex. As in a threesome. 
If that ain't your cuppa, please move along
 and make room for the next person. 

I don't have any Thanksgiving-themed stories, but I do have a hot little Christmas tale. So... I'mma be all rebellious and junk and share an excerpt from that one. It's called "Perfect Christmas." Like most things in my life, this snippet is Rated R!!

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Blurb: Depressed and lonely, Evan has nothing to look forward to on Christmas but his TV dinner and store-bought cookies, while his lover, Drake, spends the holiday traveling for business. But a special delivery changes everything, and Evan finds himself in the middle of a perfect Christmas. Worn out from his stocking stuffer, Evan's not sure how he's going to handle his present, but when Drake reveals that Evan's gift is a threesome with none other than their hunky friend Mike, Evan summons the energy!


Drake straightened, stepped back, and stretched. He flashed Evan a dazzling smile. “Now we can head to the bedroom.”

“I was starting to like the bathroom,” Evan admitted.

“Well, if you want to open your present, you need to go to the bedroom.”

Curiosity piqued, Evan slid down off the sink. Drake took his hand and led him to the adjoining bedroom. In the middle of their big, black lacquer, four-poster bed, naked except for a pair of black leather underwear with a silver zipper, was their friend Mike. The soft glow of candles surrounded them but no heat radiated from them; Evan recognized them as the flameless battery operated ones he’d bought online last year but had never used.

“How?” Evan managed to whisper, just before his jaw dropped open.

“I called him on the way here and arranged it,” Drake explained, his tone full of pride.

“I snuck in the backdoor after Drake got home.” Mike grinned sheepishly. “No pun intended.”

“Remember when you said you wondered what he was like in bed?” Drake asked, pressing his lips to Evan’s ear.

Evan nodded, mouth too dry to talk. Not that he didn’t find Drake’s boyish good looks and curly blond hair attractive, and not that he didn’t feel content and fulfilled with their relationship, or their sex life—he did. But there was something about Mike—an animal magnetism in those large, dark eyes—that had always tempted Evan. Mike was the tallest man Evan knew, towering well over six feet, with a hunky build and chestnut skin that bespoke of exotic travels, action and adventure, and completely belied his ordinary, down home life as bartender at the local gay club. Evan would never have acted on his fantasy, of course, but with Drake giving permission and Mike willing, how could he say no?

“Aren’t you going to unwrap your package?” Mike wiggled his hips, flickering light glinting off the metal zipper.

Drake moved to stand behind Evan, pressing their bodies together, the proof of his excitement obvious as the long, hard ridge of his cock nudged Evan’s ass. “Go on,” he encouraged.

Evan took several slow, measured steps forward, reawakening cock swinging between his legs.

“He looks good enough to eat, doesn’t he, Mike?” Drake asked.

Mike nodded. “I’m eager for a taste.”

Evan shivered and sat down on the edge of the bed, reaching a trembling hand for the zipper. His fingers fumbled, bumping Mike’s cock through the leather and Mike let out a long, low moan that went straight to Evan’s cock.