Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm Too Sexy for Facebook!

Or at least, this cover is. So sexy, in fact, they made me take it down and promise to never, ever, ever, ever post anything like it ever again. ::grin:: I'm such a bad boy!

When Keenan's lover, Naro, reveals the deep, dark secret of his past, Keenan must decide how strong their love really is. But Keenan has a secret of his own -- one that's right up Naro's alley.

Candlelight. There should've been soft, flickering candlelight, instead of the almost harsh glow of the light orb swinging above them. And soothing music—Keenan should've paid someone to stand outside the bedroom door and play a kempla flute for them—instead of the distant howls and calls of animals floating in through the window. They should've been surrounded by wisps of incense—that spicy-sweet blend the heavyset apothecary always sold at Festival—not the same old scent of dinner lingering on the air, mixing with the smells of the world outside. For that matter, he should've cooked something special tonight, roasted a bruta pig or filleted a tarkin.

All these thoughts went through Keenan's mind as he trailed kisses down the right side of Naro's neck, across his collarbone, then nibbled a path back up to those full, luscious lips. He would've liked to have staged the night a little better, made their first time more special, but Naro's urgency and enthusiasm had convinced him otherwise. At least he'd changed the bedding yesterday. Something had told him to use his best, softest sheets and his nicest—or least tattered, anyway—top blanket: the heavy one with the gold ribbon running around the edges and the birds stitched onto each hand-quilted panel.

The big wooden bed creaked as Keenan leaned over and reached to the bedside table for the bottle of oil—the very expensive, hard to find glandra flower oil he'd had ferried in four months ago in anticipation of a night like this. He'd spent his every waking second for the past year waiting for this moment, and, now that it was here, he couldn't imagine a more perfect way to spend the evening, poor planning aside.

"Wait. There's something you should know first." Naro pushed against Keenan's chest and sat up a bit.

House Update!

As many of you know, I recently bought a house. It's an older home - built somewhere between 1900 and 1930 (there's some debate on that matter), and probably hasn't been updated since the late '70s.

There were two different types of carpet throughout - the dining room and living room had brown shag, and the bedroom, spare bedroom, and den all had commercial grade ugly green/blue. It's assumed that this is because these three rooms appear to have been additions to the house, but we're not entirely sure. The entire house is an off-white, except for the kitchen, which was yellow (including the ceiling) with aqua subway tiles. The bathroom still has a blue toilet, sink, and tub. :-)

Now, personally I like the retro look, so not much is changing - at least not right away. I did update the paint in the kitchen - still yellow, but bolder. It now has white on the ceiling and Benjamin Moore "Sun-Kissed Yellow" on the walls. And I plan to paint all the rest of the rooms as well.

We're finding all kinds of little quirks throughout the house. For instance, on inspection day, I noticed two little hand prints on the wall in the dining room. The walls were done in faux plaster, and apparently one of the kids stuck their hands in it, and mom (or dad) didn't have the heart to spackle over it. Very cute. However, we've now found more hand prints, and even tiny little footprints just inside the doorway that leads down the hall to the bedroom. Too cute!

The dining room and living room carpet came up easily, to reveal beautiful hardwood floors. Awesome! The other rooms,  however, had the carpet glued down. So we've scheduled an installation of laminate flooring by Home Depot, around the 15th. We replaced the stove and fridge - that was a fiasco. Suffice it to say, I'm not using Lowes for anything *ever* again.

Today Hubby is there supervising the removal of 12 shrubs and 1 tree while I'm at the Evil Day Job. I've ordered red glass knobs and pulls for the cabinets, and bought all new appliances (microwave, coffee pot, etc) - because red is going to be my accent color in the kitchen.

We're still waiting on the installation of the fence before we can officially move in. Hopefully we'll hear something on that soon. So far everything's come in under budget, so I should get to June with no money left, but everything done. LOL

This weekend I'm going to try to finish the kitchen - The Boy is helping with the shelf paper (ripping out the old, putting down the new) and I've got one more coat of paint to put on the walls, then tackle the cabinets. Unfortunately when the previous owners painted the cabinets, they painted OVER the hinges. So I've got some paint remover and I'm going to see if I can get that off there. I'm sure the hardware is quite old and pretty.

Why is Calliph on Another Author's Book??

That's the question I received in an e-mail the other day from a very concerned reader. She'd stumbled upon another author's book with the same cover image as mine. Not exactly the same, of course, but the male cover model was the same as the one on my book, "Omarati."

What a lot of readers don't know is that covers are made (most, not all - some publishers have in-house artists or use freelance artists who come up with their own drawings or digital renditions) with stock photos. Basically the cover artist and author collaborate on a vision for the cover, and then the cover artist goes to different websites in search of something that works. When they find an image they like, they buy it, along with a license to use it. So it's not impossible, or uncommon, to have two different covers of books written by two different authors, published by two different publishers that have the same or similar images. Why? Because there's only so many stock photos that work. is one site that's really cool. Lots of interesting images and even some videos.

So, no worries. Calliph hasn't been hijacked. :-)