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Friendly Friday - Featuring Abby-Rae Rose

Tell us a bit about you, and something we don't know/wouldn't expect about you.

My name is Abby-Rae Rose. I’m an independent student working on my PhD in English. I write Paranormal Romance, and Western suspense. As we speak I’m also working on a YA Romance series. I’m very hard-working and Open-minded. I have been writing for 3 years now. Writing is not only a dream, but it has become my life. I’m 24 years old. I love to eat Oreos with peanut butter. I can’t cook at all (Laughing out loud). I’m also the biggest geek on this earth. I love historical movies based in 1800s. I’m a simple romantic, flowers make me happy.

What’s your favorite moment of the day, and why?

What’s my favorite moment of the day? I’ve never been asked that before. I would have to say my favorite moment of the day is when dawn is breaking. Before the birds and animals of the woods start to wake. When mist around my apartment is still heavy, covering the ground.

Why become a writer?

When you sleep at night, do you dream? Do you wake up with a great story to tell? When you're outside, do you dream of another place? Do you look for an adventure? Do you believe that the imagination can drive you to do great things?

I write because of all of those things. My creative heart continues to run full with ideas. Many people have their sports and other activities that everyone can associate. Everyone can be a writer, but it takes a true sprit to contain the gift of storytelling. I believe that I've been blessed with that gift. It's easy for me to express my feeling through words.

I want to share with the world my stories. As a child I remember reading, sitting, listing to my grandma, my mind would run wild, free its self. That is what I want to give to the next generation of children, adults as well. I want people to recognize me as that writer that made them feel, love, use their imagination. I don't have to make millions or have a big name like J.K Rowling, Rachel Vincent, Stephenie Myers, Keri Author etc.

 Preferred genre to write?

It was late December of 2009. My husband died January 10, 2009. I was depressed and my sanity was falling to crap. Well, I started to work for this company called Nicholas tree farm. I worked every day 24/7. My boss walked to me one day with a gift. She told me her daughter had given her these books, but she didn't find them appealing. I took the hardback into my hand. It was Twilight by Stephenie Meyers.

I read all four of those books in one week. It made me feel again. I was able to pick this book up and slip into another world. Somewhere, not dangerous, not hurting myself. I was free again, like when I was a child. It reminded me of happiness. With everything around me changing, reading was the only thing that remained the same.

After reading her novels, I went forward buying different books. Paranormal Romance was the main genre. I now have two hundred and thirty books. Reading was great, but one day I decided to write my story. To relive the pain that was in my heart unto paper. I noticed that I was telling a story. That my dreams were of places, people I wanted around me. It made me ecstatic that I found something to love in my time of hardship.

How do you get into your characters' heads and shoes?
I don’t - they get into my head and stomp around until I listen to them, LOL.

Actually, me and my CP work together to really understand each hero and heroine I write about. I do a character interview, and work out the kinks as I go.

What unique factor do you think you bring to the book/story market?

I will have you fall in love all over again, make you believe that life is not just hard work, but it’s fun and unexpected things can happen.

Best advice you've received, and that you'd want others to know?

Don't give up. There are too many nay-sayers out there who will try to discourage you. Don't listen to them. The only one who can make you give up is yourself


Gabrielle’s Seduction

Here is a little snip… Enjoy

“So you will be our liaison while we’re here?” He held his ground, using his superior height to hem her in even as he caressed her inner elbow. The slight gasp was a good sign. When her eyelids lowered, his body reacted immediately, screaming to dominate.

He held back as he waited for her response.

Finally, she took a deep breath and raised her eyes. “If that will work for you?” Shocked at the greenness of her eyes, he was mesmerized as her pupils slowly dilated and expanded until the slight hazel brown eclipsed and changed her eyes into dark orbs, the flecks of green barely visible. Good God, even her eyes spoke to him, begging him to take her.

As quickly as the moment engulfed him it was over in a blink. Elle glanced at Darren, her posture screaming at him her submission and he nearly shouted with joy. She even lowered her head at Darren‘s direct gaze. “I’m sorry you were kept so long. I’ll see what I can do to get you whatever you need. Some water and coffee perhaps, everything else should be here for you.”

Without another word, she slipped from his grasp and left the room.

Seconds ticked by, the two of them staring at the door.

Darren was the first to break the silence. “Did you see that? She plays it perfect.”

“Tell me again why we can’t have her?” Maxwell sighed turning back into the room. “Oh yeah, this is business and my brother would kill me if I pilfered the women from the company for my own entertainment.”

Darren plopped down into one of the swivel chairs, his mood lighter than it had been since he‘d met him in reception. “Yeah, that wasn’t part of the arrangement.”

Maxwell couldn‘t let it go though “Of course, what he doesn’t know…”

“… Is all the more fun for us?” Darren grinned evilly, his pen already twirling in his hand.

Broom closets weren’t necessarily the best way to talk to your boss but Fred had dragged her in.

“So, what are they here for?”

Nearing fifty, the man was often distracted and obtuse. Today, his hands fidgeted so much she’d think he had tremors. But no, something else was going on. She didn‘t want to think too much about the magnetic men she‘d just showed into the biggest conference room. “They want to go over your payables and receivables for the last year.”

“That’s it.”

Elle took a closer look at Fred. He was sweating profusely and looked constipated. “Are you all right? Are you sure I can’t get you something to drink or maybe a doctor?”

Fred waived her off and stared off into the distance, “He’s spying on me.”

“Wouldn’t a spy have to work for you, already?”

Fred wasn’t listening, just mumbling to himself. Elle held her tongue. Those powerful men had thrown her for a loop; hard sensuality oozed from every poor and already had her nervous. Having Fred here, nagging her in a janitor’s closet. While fending off a grungy mop that was ready to fall down on her, wasn’t helping her nerves which were already on edge.

The two men stood nearly the same height, but the dark haired one Maxwell devoured her with his cold grey eyes. She’d nearly stumbled in her red heels trying to keep her legs moving even as she’d felt that powerful gaze on her every step of the way down the long corridors.

The other man, the copper blond Darren, his voice was sexy and dark with that British accent. He was the talkative one. Maxwell just stood there in his beautifully tailored slacks and blue striped shirt and tie, just staring at her. He’s the one that made her jittery, her fingers and toes curling just by the feel of him behind her.

Fred was saying something she didn’t catch, pulling her back from her reverie. “I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“You have to distract them.”

“How, Fred? I’m just an analyst. I’m not a sales person or even an accountant. I’m not sure what they would need me for.”

Fred waived her off. “You’re a woman. You have,” he looked her up and down, a leer curving his lips and making her cringe, “certain attributes that surely they find attractive.”

The slow unfurling of her temper simmered in her stomach. She didn’t like where this was going. Sure, Fred had always leaned toward the slimy but he’d always kept that leer pointed in other directions -- not at her. But just that look made her feel second rate, used. And no one used her. Not her friends. Not her coworkers and certainly not her boss.

Too bad she was too much a southern lady to punch him out.

He wasn‘t done though. “With your promotion on the line, I’m sure you want to step up. Show the company what you’re made of.”

Elle almost slapped him like she would a hard-headed colt, good and hard. Enough to leave a bruise. Instead, she took a deep breath and shoved the crummy mop into his face. “Fred, I’m going to pretend I didn’t just hear that. I don’t negotiate with scumbags.”

Stepping out of the closet, she twisted the lock and slammed the door shut.

Outside in the drab hallway, she breathed deeply and tried to calm her racing heart. The nerve of the man. She wanted to scream.

“Something wrong,” a deep voice said behind her.

Elle spun around and was caught in those gray eyes -- Maxwell.

In 5 words: (This is for the new release!)

Your book: Sassy, Classy and Everything Seductive.

Your heroine: Southern-Belle at heart, wicked smile.

Your hero: Strong, sleek, lethal, all animal.

You as an author: Young, Sweet, and Darn Delightful

Tell us about your latest release

Captain’s Virgin Fantasy by Abby- Rae Rose was released December 5th, 2011, with Noble Romance Publishing.


He’s changed everything…but she can’t change the fact that she loves him.

Victoria refuses to let Ishmael intimidate her— She‘s faced with a choice. Return to her life of duty, or embrace her spirit of adventure…and sail the high seas with the man who has captured her heart.

Captain Ishmael’s demands are simple… In exchange for his pleasure, and her body to quell his voracious lust, he will guarantee safe passage.

But, Ishmael’s plan doesn’t include giving up his lover so easily. And, once he gets a taste of Tori’s sweet blend of innocence and boldness, he can’t imagine living without her.

Where can we find you and your books?

Buy Link for Captain's Virgin Fantasy:'s-Virgin-Fantasy

Amazon: Click Here

Barnes and Noble: Click here

Where can we find you on the web?

or Email

Hugs & Love,

Abby-Rae Rose

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Reclaiming My Childhood...Through My Kitchen

Most of you who know me know I had a pretty shitty childhood. For those of you who don't - I lived through years and years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of my parents.

Suffice it to say, I didn't have a good childhood.

Yet, even in the worst times, there's always little slivers of light, isn't there?

I thought about that long and hard when I bought my house last year. I wanted to remember the things I did manage to find joy in.

A lot of those things weren't things in my home - they were things in my grandmother's home. Now, you have to realize, my grandmother's home wasn't all that nice. Infested with roaches, the house had a certain odor that just about turned your stomach when you entered, and I always left there sick with either my Asthma or my allergies. Even still, her house was my sanctuary, because my parent's wouldn't dare be mean to me in front of her. I only went there once a week - on Sundays - but I looked forward to it all week.

Grandma had toys for all us grandkids to play with, which were actually toys from her kids' childhoods. Things like metal toy trucks. I remember one in particular that I liked the best - the cement mixer. I liked it because it had a lever to "dump" the cement, and a wheely knob you could use to "mix" the cement. I never did put anything in it, but I liked whizzing it around the spare bedroom.

There was also a set of wooden blocks I loved to play with. Sometimes, I made buildings with them. Sometimes, I pretended they were foods, and I "cooked" with them.

Grandma also fed my addiction for other toys which my parents wouldn't buy me: Care Bears, My Little Ponies, and Barbie Dolls. Although I usually paired Ken with Ken and Barbie with Barbie, which raised more than a few eyebrows. LOL She even went out of her way to find me a Ken doll with real hair.

As I remembered all these things, I started wishing I still had all of them. I did have some Care Bears and My Little Ponies, but the trucks  and Barbies are all long gone.
Then I remembered something: A year or so ago, I had an absolute melt down when I found a box of those same blocks at a rummage sale up here, and I had to have them. I stuck them in a plastic shoebox and they went to live up in the storage room - forgotten about.

 That "Ah-Ha!" moment led me to another  one  - there was no reason why I couldn't just buy some of this stuff all over again, and there was equally no reason why I couldn't display it in my new home. (My husband has long been resigned to my eclectic decorating taste.)

I went on a mad spree, raiding my upstairs storage for all the toys I could find. My Little Ponies and Care Bears resurfaced, along with an Elsie the Cow toy. What I lacked, I went on eBay to find. I gathered everything together, and set out to decorate my kitchen. 

As sort of a tribute to my Grandmother, I included these tiny little porcelain birds. She collected porcelain birds, and I remember going to her house, carefully taking them off the shelves, dusting and cleaning each and every one, and putting them back exactly like she had them. I loved those birds!

I'm really happy with the results! What do you think?

My Little Ponies on the shelf of the liquor cabinet

Care Bears above the door

Wooden blocks above the other door.

Birdies above door #3

Close up of a couple of the birdies

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Hunky Hero Giveaway Hop Winner!

And the winner is....  ::drum roll:: vanessa (at) thejeepdiva (dot) com!! Congratulations! I'll be sending your copy of "Who Better Than Canyon?" along in a few minutes!  Thanks to everyone else who entered! I truly appreciate the support!! I've got one more blog hop (so far - you know that'll change if I find another one!) so check back in July!

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Friendly Friday - Featuring Sarah Ballance

Secrets and Betrayal in a TIDE OF LIES | Sarah Ballance

I'm so happy to be here, and assuming I didn't immediately clear the room, I'm thrilled to tell you about my new romantic suspense, TIDE OF LIES. But—cue the banjo—the story doesn't exactly start there. It actually begins with FAMILIAR LIGHT, a romantic thriller with a nail-biter of a climax with a shocking twist at the end. What readers see in the LIGHT opens the door to a TIDE OF LIES—a sequence of events my lead Holden learns nothing has *ever* been what it seemed. When past meets present in a series of crushing blows, he quickly learns what really matters . . . but is it too late?

FAMILIAR LIGHT is just $1.50 from Noble Romance if you'd like to start from the beginning, but the good news is you don't *have* to, as TIDE OF LIES was written as a standalone story. Ready to dive in? Here's a closer look.

TIDE OF LIES | blurb

A devastating secret. A shocking betrayal. A deadly obsession.

Haunted by three unsolved murders, Detective Holden Whitlow is stunned when his cold case takes a heated turn. Julia Cohen, his ex-lover, is back in town, and in the face of a brutal attack she's ready to run. No matter how tightly she holds her secrets, for Holden, turning away from the woman he's spent a decade trying to forget isn't any more an option than walking away from his job . . .even when it threatens to cost Julia her life.

Julia is still reeling from a past she can't bear to face. When she becomes the target of a killer, fate throws her back into Holden's arms, but she's yet to recover from a truth that has stripped her of everything—and everyone—she loves. Will she tell him the secret that will destroy him, or will her lie destroy them both?

TIDE OF LIES | excerpt

Holden rolled his shoulders and cocked his head, popping his neck. He was off his game, unable to shake the discord that arrived on the heels of the initial call. Another one. Clearly, Holden wasn't the only one haunted by the past. His sergeant's tone had carried the same wariness now lumped in Holden's chest. The question was, why?

What was it about this call that had set off eerie alarm bells in both their minds? The vic wasn't dead. Nothing about this scene seemed remotely connected to the others—and yet . . . Barrier Shoals was a small town. Most of the crime he handled was the minor break-ins and purse snatchings that seemed to plague the tourist season. A murder. An assault. These were rare. Rare enough to raise the sergeant's hackles. And after all the dead ends he'd been finding lately, Holden was on edge, as well.

Behind him, Bear cleared his throat. "You want to go talk to the vic? I can handle things here."

Holden turned, looking at Bear in surprise. "Me? It's not like you to give up a bedside encounter with a woman."

Bear dropped his cell phone in his pocket and shrugged, his self-proclaimed lady-killing grin in a lazy sprawl across his face. "You have a point there, but I'm not into sloppy seconds."

The dig worked. Holden froze. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You got me, Whitlow, but our vic is awake. Seems the lovely Julia Cohen is asking for you by name."

Want to learn more? Read the entire first chapter for free at Noble Romance (no registration required!)

Noble Romance


Barnes & Noble

Thanks again for allowing me to be a small part of your day. ;c) Readers, I offer weekly gift card giveaways on my blog, and the only way to win is to subscribe by email. All subscribers are automatically entered each week for as long as they stay on the list—winning doesn't get any easier! For full details or to sign up, please visit Hope to see you there, and if you do have a chance to check out the book, please let me know what you think. ;c)

CURRENT GIVEAWAYS | more from Sarah Ballance

To win a *print* copy of my paranormal romance HAWTHORNE, check out the following links:

*International* giveaway on my blog through April 22:

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SARAH BALLANCE | about the author

Sarah and her husband of almost fifteen what he calls "long, long" years live on the mid-Atlantic coast with their six young children, all of whom are perfectly adorable when they're asleep. She often jokes that she writes to be around people who will listen to her, but her characters aren't much better than her kids. Fortunately, her husband is quite supportive, having generously offered to help her research "the good parts" . . . and she's never had to ask twice.






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Hunky Hero Giveaway Hop

I'm participating in the Hunky Hero Giveaway Hop!

I have to say, my favorite Hunky Hero from one of my stories has to be Canyon from "Who Better Than Canyon?" He's the sweetest, most adorable guy. He's a big guy who doesn't realize how attractive he is. He's got a huge heart and he only wants one thing - to be a happily married husband one day. 

I'd love to share Canyon with you, so leave a comment below with your e-mail address and you'll be entered to win a free pdf copy of "Who Better Than Canyon?"

Good luck!!!

****PLEASE BE AWARE:  I write GLBTQ romance. GLBTQ stands for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer. This means my works feature same sex relationships AND same sex sexual acts. If winning that kind of a book isn't your cup of tea, kindly pass on to the next blog in the hop and leave the spot open for someone else. Thank you.****

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Shiny New Cover Art

For my August release! Isn't it beautiful?????

Friendly Friday - Featuring Juliet Chastain

Hello fellow Romance fans. I'm here to explain my obsession with Gypsies.

I've always been very curious about Gypsies—Roma or Romani, as they call themselves, Those rather mysterious people came from India to Europe about a thousand years ago and lived a wanderer's existence and kept to their own ways for generations.
My fascination began when I was a small child in Africa. One evening my dad was driving somewhere with me and we passed a little Romani fair, a few lights in the darkness, music, some horses, a little merry-go-round. Very enticing to a small child who lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I wanted desperately to go to the fair, but my dad said we couldn't and that he believed Gypsies were thieves.
Indeed the next morning all out chickens were gone, every single one and the dogs hadn't barked and no one had heard a thing. If you know anything about chickens you know you can't just pick them up and tiptoe away because they'd start squawking and pecking you like mad. My parents were not pleased, but I was thrilled. It was often my job to feed the chickens, and I was rather scared of them. But mostly I was awed. How had the Gypsies done that? It seemed magical.
Now I am in the middle of writing a series of short sexy stories featuring Gypsies during the Regency period. There will be one coming out every month or two with Breathless Press.

Here's the first story in the Gypsy Lover series, A Proper Lady's Gypsy Lover
Forced to become a proper young lady, Lucy-Ann Spencer rebels against the rules of high society to claim her freedom and her Gypsy lover. 

Dragged off to London kicking and screaming, Lucy-Ann Spencer refuses to become a proper young lady. Despite her aunts' insistence, she spurns the suitably titled and wealthy men who court her, longing instead for the Gypsy lad and the freedom she once loved. 

Liberty Wood never forgot the girl he adored years ago, but now that she has become a proper, silk-clad member of high society while he lives by his wits, he knows that they can never breach the gulf between them. Can Lucy-Ann convince him otherwise? 

Here is an excerpt:
Lucy-Ann scrambled to the window, tempted to climb out had the carriage not been moving so fast.
“Liberty,” she screamed. “Liberty, help me!” She leaned out as far as she dared while her aunts cried out to her to be careful. Aunt Emily took hold of her waist.
Lucy-Ann saw him, Liberty Wood, on his brown mare with the white forelock, riding hard after the coach.
“Liberty,” she called, leaning out yet a little farther, causing both aunts to shriek. Aunt Louisa took hold of her legs and called to her to come back inside. Lucy-Ann watched Liberty slowly close the distance between himself and the carriage.
“Halt!” she called to the coachman. “Halt!” The coachman pulled on the reins, slowing the horses.
“No!” cried Aunt Louisa. She stuck her head out of the opposite window. “No, “ she cried out. “Move on as fast as you can, Elijah. You must outrun that highwayman or beat him off.”
The carriage picked up speed again, swaying precariously, but Liberty had caught up. He’d always said the mare was the fleetest thing on four feet.
Leaning on the neck of his horse, his black hair flying behind him, Liberty smiled grimly at Lucy-Ann as he passed the carriage. The mare pulled up beside the carriage horses. Lucy-Ann realized his intention was to come up beside the lead horse, take hold of the beast, and bring the carriage to a halt.
“Actually,” she heard Aunt Emily say, her voice quivering, “I’d prefer to go more slowly. This is dangerous.”
“You’ll have to beat him off, Elijah,” Aunt Louisa ordered at the top of her voice. Lucy-Ann saw the coachman nod and reach for his long whip.
“No!” Lucy-Ann screamed. “Please, no.”
The coachman stood and, holding onto the thong, swung the long handle of the whip, catching Liberty in the face, causing him to somersault off the mare and into the mud at the side of the road. The carriage almost careened off the road as the aunts screamed and clutched each other. When it stabilized, Lucy-Ann tried to climb out of the window, but her aunts held her back. Eventually she collapsed on the floor of the carriage, weeping uncontrollably.

You can buy this story at. breathlesspress While you're there, check out my two short romances: The Captain and the Courtesan and The Cry of the Wolf.

To learn more about upcoming stories or about me: You can contact me at Or on facebook .Or follow me onTwitter

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Breathless Press Sexy Bunny Blog Hop Winner!

And the winner is......elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Congratulations! Your copy of "Perfect Christmas" will be on its way to you shortly!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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The Happy Birthday Blog Hop WINNER!!

And the random winner is.... ::drum roll::.... shadow_kohler (shadowluvs2read(at)gmail(dot)com)!!

Congratulations!!!!! I'll be contacting you tonight to find out which book you'd like.

Thank you to everyone else who commented/participated!! I'm participating in a ton more blog hops, so check back for more chances to win!

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Breathless Press Sexy Bunny Blog Hop

I'm participating in the Breathless Press Sexy Bunny Blog Hop!

Just look at that graphic! Isn't that the cutest bunny you've ever seen?! And what about the one at the bottom of the page?? Hubba hubba!!!

For my offering as a prize in the blog hop, I'm giving away a free pdf copy of my m/m/m story "Perfect Christmas." Yeah, I know it's not Christmas, but Christmas *is* a holiday, and the story is full of hot smut, so it's a WIN! LOL

Here's the blurb:

Depressed and lonely, Evan has nothing to look forward to on Christmas but his TV dinner and store-bought cookies, while his lover, Drake, spends the holiday traveling for business. But a special delivery changes everything, and Evan finds himself in the middle of a perfect Christmas. Worn out from his stocking stuffer, Evan's not sure how he's going to handle his present, but when Drake reveals that Evan's gift is a threesome with none other than their hunky friend Mike, Evan summons the energy!

To enter to win, all you have to do is

1. Follow my blog.
2. Leave a comment and remember to include your follower name if it's different from your commenter name.

That's it! Easy peasy!  GOOD LUCK!!!!

The Sexy Bunny Blog Hop will run from Friday, April 6th until Monday, April 9th

And don't forget to check out the rest of the blogs participating in the hop HERE.

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The Happy Birthday Blog Hop

Hi there! I'm participating in the Happy Birthday Blog Hop!

We're supposed to talk about birthdays, so I'll talk about my favorite one. It was several years ago, back when Hubby was out of work because he was ill and I was working part time at a speech and hearing camp for kids. We had no money. Just...none. So I wasn't expecting anything at all.

Turns out, my Hubby had borrowed enough money to make me a cake - which he decorated himself - and buy me a couple presents. I'll never forget coming home and opening up the oven door to find my beautiful birthday cake. 

What was even more special, was this was probably only 1 of about 10 birthday cakes I'd ever had in my life. Growing up, I didn't get birthday cakes very often. 

So, in honor of Carrie Ann's birthday, I'm giving away a prize on my hop today: A PDF copy of any of my books, which can be found at! 

Entering to win is easy:

1. Follow my blog
2. Leave a comment below, including your e-mail, (and follower name, if it's different)

That's it!


****PLEASE BE AWARE:  I write GLBTQ romance. GLBTQ stands for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer. This means my works feature same sex relationships AND same sex sexual acts. If winning that kind of a book isn't your cup of tea, kindly pass on to the next blog in the hop and leave the spot open for someone else. Thank you.****