Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Charming Hero Blog Hop

****PLEASE BE AWARE: I write GLBTQ romance. GLBTQ stands for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer. This means my works feature same sex relationships AND same sex sexual acts. If winning that kind of a book isn't your cup of tea, kindly pass on to the next blog in the hop and leave the spot open for someone else. Thank you.****

For my part in the hop, I'm featuring Gabe, one of my leading men from my sexy m/m romance "Buried Treasure." Gabe sets his sights on Mark, but finds the object of his affection a little hard to get. Once he realizes why, he's even more in love.

First, I'll answer the hop questions. Then I'll give you the blurb and a little snippet.

For my prize, I'm giving away a free pdf copy of the winner's choice of any of my books - could be this one, but doesn't have to be. Just leave a comment with your e-mail and the title of the book you'd like. My books can be found at

And now, onto the questions!

What your hero’s name and where does he come from? Gabe, and he's originally from Florence, Oklahoma, but when we meet him he's living in New Mexico.

What’s your charming hero’s profession? He works at Miller's Retirement  Home

Now, there’s a lot about our heroes that sets all women in a flutter. What’s your hero’s greatest weapon when it comes to seduction? Gabe is one of those unassuming fellows who doesn't really know how hot he is, and doubts himself. 

If your hero resembled one or more celebrities, who would they be?  Gabe has sparkling green eyes, sandy blond hair cut in a high and tight style, neatly trimmed beard and mustache reminiscent of  Captain Jack Sparrow, but without the little tails hanging down.

Apart from being incredible charming, how would you describe your hero’s personality? He's the guy next door sweetheart everyone loves. He'd give a total stranger the shirt off his back and his last penny. He's tenacious - when he wants something, he goes after it, including the love of his life. 

Does your hero have a favourite saying or motto? None that he's shared with me. 

Post a scene of ten lines or less that captures your hero using his charm to win over both our readers and heroine.  Here's a snippet. It's more than 10 lines. I'm a writer, not a Math major - I can't count. :-)

Mark suddenly pulled free and turned toward Gabe, slid his fingers up into Gabe’s hair and pressed their lips together in a harsh, demanding kiss.

Surprised, Gabe blinked rapidly, completely at war with himself as lust and rationality battled for dominance. He managed to get his wits about him as Mark’s mouth left his and Mark began nibbling and licking at his neck. Gabe pushed them apart gently. “Wait. Wait a second. Hold on.”

Mark shook his head, tears coursing down his cheeks, and reached for Gabe. “I want you.”

“I know.” Gabe took Mark’s hands and held them tightly against his own chest. “I know you do. And I want you. But let’s take this slower, hmm? You’re upset and shaken. Right now might not be the best time.”

Mark scowled and snatched his hands away. “I know what I want, and I want you.” He ran a shaking hand through his hair and leaned his head back into the stream of water. “I’m not a nutjob,” he

26said, once he’d raised his head. “And it’s not some weird thing where you’re the first person to be kind to me and I’m fanatical about it. I mean...” He looked away and shrugged. “You are the first person to be kind to me about it.” Mark sighed.

Damn Donald. Swallowing down a rush of anger, Gabe smiled and pulled Mark into his arms, holding tightly again. “I know you want me, and I don’t think you’re a nutjob.” He ground their bodies together, pressing his awakening cock against Mark’s leg. “And I want you too, by the way. But not like this. It should be special.”

“This is special,” Mark argued. He writhed against Gabe, their wet bodies sliding against each other.

Gabe took a step back and held Mark’s face in his hands. “Okay, maybe special is the wrong word. But lovemaking can’t start between us this way.”

“Lovemaking, eh?” The corner of Mark’s mouth quirked up into a grin. “Not just sex? There’s a difference, you know.”

“Mmmhmm. I do know that. Let’s get dried off and back in bed.” Gabe moved his hands down to clasp Mark’s. “Let me show you how a real man deals with his boyfriend’s nightmares.”


  1. Good answers and excerpt. I would really like Pudding Jones but it is not out yet so my next choice would be 137 Owens Street.

  2. I would like to give Finding Sanctuary a try!

    Thanks so much for the chance.


  3. Hi. Liked your answers. Thanks for being a part of another great Hop.


  4. Actually, BURIED TREASURE does appeal!