Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Sexy Saturday 8/3

This week I'm sharing 7 paragraphs from an oldie but a goodie - "Always, My Prince" featured in the "I Kissed a Boy" anthology.

Here's the blurb:

Exiled to a distant planet by his father and sold into sexual slavery, Devlin has mixed feelings when he is purchased by a mysterious, handsome stranger. But life as a kept man turns out to be better than he could have imagined, and he finds himself falling for his owner, Morat. When Morat makes an extremely thoughtful gesture, Devlin realizes that what lies between them truly is love, but he's unprepared for how much different - and how much better - making love to a man can be!
And here's 7 paragraphs:

"I assumed you bought me for your wife." Morat shook his head. 

"I'm unwed. When I saw you..." He sighed and cleared his throat. "I'm not used to sharing such thoughts with others."

Devlin's heart fluttered as Morat smiled at him shyly. A beautiful thing, that smile; Devlin wanted to see it again. Often.

"When I saw you, you awakened something inside me. Something I thought I'd never experience again. I lust for you. I crave you, Devlin. Your body and your soul."

"I saw you watching me," Devlin said. "Standing in the shadows along the wall, as if you didn't want anyone to see you, as if you didn't care about the performance. But your eyes followed me. I could feel your touch in your gaze." He blushed then, and looked at his plate, having no idea where the words had come from. "Which sounds absurd."

"Not absurd at all. If I asked it of you, would you lie with me?" 

Devlin shrugged. "I'm your property."

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