Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Favorite Things

This is a no comment post. What does that mean? Well, it means it originally appeared as a guest post on a website but it didn't get any comments. I'm sharing it as a recycled post because I think it still has merit, and well, frankly I wrote the darn thing, so somebody should read it! LOL

This one originally appeared on Edward Kendrick's World.

My Favorite Things - by DC Juris

Today, I wanted to talk about things that make me smile. They're not big things, and maybe some of them are kooky, but they're my sanity savers.

Touching soft fabrics in a store. I admit it – I can't walk down a blanket aisle without touching all the blankets. I grin like an idiot when my fingers brush chenille or velvet, and fleece makes me giggle.

The dark of the sky and the gusts of the wind before a storm. There is something magical there, sitting with the fury of nature, the expectation of what's to come sizzling on your skin.

Rainbows. Yeah, I get the science behind them, but to me, they're magic. I can't tell you how many times Hubby has indulged me by driving around trying to find the end, or the best spot to get a picture. And the first time I saw a double rainbow, I freaked out just as much as the YouTube guy. LOL (If you don't get the reference, head over to YouTube and search for "double rainbow guy original". Totally worth it.) 

Certain animals, like turtles, butterflies, snails, and ladybugs. My mother used to say that if you found a ladybug on the hem of your dress, you'd have good luck. I didn't wear dresses all that often, but I love these little bugs. 

Garden gnomes. Who doesn’t love garden gnomes? They're so happy and whimsical. I'd have a whole herd of them if I had space.

Mushrooms. Real ones, fake ones – I just love mushrooms. At one point in our old house, my entire kitchen was done in retro mushrooms. Nowadays it's a little more toned down, but my current d├ęcor does include a collection of mushroom postage stamps from around the world, which Hubby mounted and framed for me.

But enough about my favorite things - what are yours?


  1. Chocolate, frogs, meteor showers and books are just a few of my favs.

  2. My mom always said ladybugs were lucky too. Some of my favorite things are small rodents like rats, hamsters and gerbils, cotton candy, the smell of honey suckle, and pretty multi colored sunsets on cloudy days where the sun showing through the clouds lights them up in different stunning ways.