Monday, October 15, 2012

My GRL Schedule!

Want to know where I'll be?

Here's a rough idea!

Wed 10/17 -   arrive around Midnight.

Thurs 10/18 - 9 AM Registration
                       Schmooze and mingle until around 11 AM
                       11 AM - taking off for the Rattlesnake Museum, Zoo, Botanic Gardens, +/- Beach.
                       Dinner at some point (perhaps with Em Woods or Tom Webb or Michele Montgomery?)

Fri 10/19 -       6 AM Balloon ride
                       12:20 Bus for Old Town
                       Shopping, sight seeing
                       MLR Press Party (No, I'm not doing the TQ thing)

Sat 10/20 -     OPEN - trying to catch up with a couple old friends who live in Albq. Otherwise? Hit            
                       me up.  At some point I have to go to Fed Ex.

Sun 10/21 -    Check out
                       8 AM - hit the goodbye brunch
                       10 AM - leave for airport

So there you have it. Not as hectic as New Orleans was, for sure. This year I've managed to schedule time for myself, time for authors/readers, and time for friends. And more time for myself. LOL


  1. Have a great time, I wish I could be there!

  2. When in Old Town don't miss the Candy Lady. We used to stop there to get fudge and the best chocolate covered cherries ever. Wish I could be there now, ah well I will just have to go in my memories.