Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adventures in Gluten Free Eating

So I've tried a couple new gluten free products, and wanted to share my thoughts.

1. Schar brand Cioccolini - biscuits w. cocoa filling. OMG YUM! These are really good! They're dry, but they have a nice texture, and the middle is creamy. They have a pretty good shelf life, too: I bought them, opened them, then forgot about them for probably a month, and they're still fresh.

2. Schar brand Ciabatta rolls. These were pretty good, as gluten free rolls go. I didn't follow the instructions - I just popped them in the oven for a sec, and then another two I just ate without baking them. Yum!

3. Schar brand Classic White Bread. Very good, especially toasted!

4. Schar brand Crispbread cracker-like things. Um...yeah. Not for me. Really like eating styrofoam.

5. Schar brand Table Crackers. Really, really good! Think unsalted saltines. Good stuff!

6. Schar brand Wafers - chocolate hazelnut, cocoa, and vanilla. Y.U. M. Like sugar wafters, but gluten free.

7. Schar brand bread crumbs. I may have shared this one before - I can't remember. These were pretty good. Not quite what you're looking for if you want fried chicken, but not bad at all!

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