Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please welcome Xavier Axelson to My Blog!

Thanks to DC for hosting me during my Virtual Book Tour for Lily, my first paranormal romance! 

The release of this book taught me many things. I never think when I’m writing, “hmmm, I wonder what this book is going to teach me,” but, somehow I always get schooled by my own hand.  Writing the story is only the first step. It is the first step on a journey that will lead you down many paths; some beautiful, some an utter and complete slog. You will encounter monsters within and without and have to deal with both gracefully. Isn’t that a bitch? 

Lily isn’t just about loss but also about being brave enough to accept the unknown into ones life. Shadowy and mysterious; the woods are unknown to Pryor, they represent the very thing that has stolen his child from him but, it may also hold the very thing he so desperately desires.  Lily is about being brave enough to traverse the woods and search out its depths to discover something new, something forgotten or, as in Pryor’s case, something lost.

Being brave is not magical, or paranormal, but it is essential, it is how we move past horrible events, and find new places in the woods to grow things and evolve.  I have always found wonderment in the woods; in fact, the woods in Lily are based on the woods I played in as a kid. There was danger there for sure, but also much enjoyment and plenty of room for imagination to take root.

As January dies away and the unknown February looms ahead, I am looking forward to another month of exploring the woods, hacking through the unknown and forging a new path into the depths of the creative, the dark and the sexual.

Here’s a taste of Lily:


The mention of jewelry made me think of Lily, "You said you had some pieces to show me?"
"You in a hurry?"
"No, I just keep forgetting, guess I'm not used to drinking," I said as I took another drink from the quickly disappearing beer number two.
"I thought you might need a break from your house and those woods." Ned wasn't looking at me when he spoke.
"Maybe I did." I looked where he was looking and saw a fat little dog playing with a couple of kids in the yard just over to the left of Consetta's property.
"Life goes on, don't it?"
"I don't know, my life seems to have stopped." I grabbed another beer and took the bottle opener magnet Ned must have brought down with him.
"That's what you think; your life is still moving, you've just stopped moving with it."
"Guess losing a kid—no wait, I mean having your kid taken and then finding out she's a werewolf—will put the brakes on things. Guess maybe that's why my life has stopped." The anger came fast and furious. I could see the spit spray from my mouth as I spoke.
"Pryor, you don't know that's Lily, you just don't know."
"I fucking know. I know my own goddamned daughter." I stood up, the beer bottle fell from my hands. "I shouldn't have come here."
"Pryor, wait!"
I heard him call out but I couldn't turn around, my anger was blinding me or maybe it was sweat or tears but whatever it was I couldn't stop.
I was halfway to my car when I felt his arms around me. Feeling him, the warmth of his arms and the close pounding of his heart practically made me stop breathing. I let out an agonized groan that sounded primal in the quiet air. I pulled away and at first, I thought he was letting go but he was only shifting to pull me closer. I felt his teeth graze my neck and he said something I couldn't understand between gritted teeth, a rasp of a sound. He pushed me against the car and I felt my head hit the edge of the roof.

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