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Friendly Friday - Featuring Xakara

 Greetings, Kittens!

Thanks to Dan for having me and to all of you for indulging me. I thought I’d kick off my first guest post by sharing a bit of celebration with you all. Today is a release day! I’m one of four authors contributing to the LOVE NOTES anthology from Musa Publishing! My newest Therian novella, ITS SWEETEST FORM, is the first “straight-ish” menage that I’ve written and it’s available to you all just in time for Valentine’s Day. What better holiday to explore a new form? But don’t get use to the MFM format, I’ll be back to MMF and MMFF soon enough. I prefer my when my “Fs” and “Ms” are touching. *Grin*

ITS SWEETEST FORM is the story of Eaton, Brahm and Tessa, a vampire, werewolf and psychic medium who share a loft and a love for each other, that finally finds a way to bloom under pressure.

This third Therian release pays partial homage to a BBC/SyFy show, but the similarities stop at being roommates. Sorry if I got your hopes up. *Grin* Here’s the official blurb for LOVE NOTES and an excerpt to give you a taste of the MFM menage ITS SWEETEST FORM.



The magic of words on paper and lovers meeting again and again.
Love is never a lost cause, and sometimes all it takes is a few special words written down to make all the difference in the world. Wayward cupids, lonely vampires, long-lost loves, and mysterious strangers come together in this collection sure to warm your heart and steam up your screen. Read our Love Notes from cover to cover, and then maybe write a few letters of your own!


Tessa draped her leg over Brahm’s hip. “Not that I’m ignoring the side commentary, which is highly entertaining, and I plan to come back to it later, but on the topic at hand. With my leg here, and your hands wherever you need them to be, where are your legs in this position?”

A bit of unnecessary rubbing and vicarious thrills later and Brahm gave up. “I have no idea. This position doesn’t lend itself to dual penetration well. I mean it’s not impossible, but it’s shallow even one-on-one. If he’s already inside of you at this point, the best I could do with your leg right here is watch your faces as he rode you from behind.” He looked at Eaton against his will and quickly looked away.

“If you wanted a penetration scene in this position, we’d have to put your leg higher.” Brahm lifted her leg up towards his shoulder. “Then I could come under enough to thrust. But ideally,” he laid her leg across his mid-back. “You’d give me your weight a little, without coming fully forward.”

“I get it,” Eaton said. He came up, braced on his left arm and put his right hand on her hip. “I could thrust from this position without coming out and still be gentle. I can do it without putting too much weight on either of you.”

“Awesome.” Tessa brought her leg down and turned enough to look at Eaton.

“Okay, so then is this the position the two of you would choose?” She looked to Brahm. “Does it feel natural?”

“I guess.” Eaton shrugged. “I think it works for the scene.”

Tessa sighed. “Don’t guess, answer personally.” She scooted up and looked at Brahm. “If this was the three of us, is this the position you’d want the first timeyou were both inside of me?”

Brahm swallowed and smiled. “Can I plead the fifth?”

“No,” They said in unison.

Eaton sat up. “Why would you need to plead the fifth? Are we about to get to your ish that you haven’t told me about?”

“Yeah, shut up.” Brahm kissed Tessa’s forehead. “I do this for you alone.” He rearranged them all with his back to the headboard, Tessa straddled over his lap, and Eaton kneeling behind her. “This is what I’d want if it were us. It has advantages.” He put his hands under her thighs and casually lifted her, the way shifters pretended to never notice they were doing. “Eats, put your legs over mine. Wait, not with the jeans.”

Eaton left the bed, shed his jeans and returned to his place in shy of a blur. “Where do you want me exactly?”

It took an extra mental breath before Brahm could answer without laughing. “Slide your legs over mine. Let me know if you need room behind me.”

It took a second or two of adjustment and Eaton nodded. “I need just a little space.”

Brahm put one arm around both of them and shifted them all forward.

“Pssh.” Eaton shook his head. “Now you’re just showing off.”

He was showing off. “I can’t help it. It’s the Wolf me in. You show me you can dematerialize clothes, I show you I can bench press our combined weight, we both hope we’ve impressed the girl. Alpha behavior at its best.”

Eaton laughed. “I thought Tessa trained all of the alpha behavior out of us?”

“Excuse me,” she said. “Leaving the seat up is not alpha behavior, it’s just rude.”

“She’s right,” Brahm agreed. “And speaking of rude, we’re supposed to be focusing on helping.”

“No,” Tessa said. “This is good. The side banter makes it easier, right? It feels more natural, so it’s comfortable. Speaking of which — ” she grabbed the pillow beside them “ — you need this behind you to close the gap.”

“Yes, comfort and advantages. Let’s see.” He reached back and adjusted the pillows. “Okay, so like this I can adjust my angle of thrust.” He slipped his arms around her. “I have access to either hold you close or to lean back and touch your face and breasts.” He put his hands on her hips and nodded when Eaton did the same. “You can control the depth and speed, or relax and let us move you between us. All three of us can reach your clit without impeding moment. If I lean back and I can watch myself move inside you.”

He closed his eyes and mentally counted the length of his breaths. “I can feel Eaton moving and stay in rhythm with him.” He ran his hands from Eaton’s legs, to her hips and back again. “I can signal him with my hands on his legs for the moments when I’m not thinking enough in words to speak.” He opened his eyes and smiled through the sudden crush of feeling vulnerable and naked in saying it all out loud. “I can watch your faces. I can see the impact of when I move or choose to hold still. I can read the micro expressions that come before the sounds and the next thrust.”

Eaton let out a shaky breath. “That’s…detailed.”

Xakara is an openly Bisexual author of erotic, polyamorous paranormal romance, with an emphasis on creating bisexual and sexually fluid characters and cultures. 

Her real life culture clash came when she moved from the American Midwest and became a recent transplant to beautiful New Mexico. She lives overlooking the Sandia Mountains with her long time sweetie and a handful of friends that are like family. Equally splitting her time between the worlds in her head and the world around her, she manages to find her way through life with a smile and zen-vibe that carries her and her heroines through the tough times. 

Becoming a paranormal romance author was a happy accident when she chose to write a short novella to clear her mind of edits on her first urban fantasy novel, Bloodsprite. Now she finds she enjoys the focus on the relationships and loves traversing the two genres and finding new ways to define both. 

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