Friday, September 27, 2013

Friendly Friday: Featuring J.M. Powers & GIVEAWAY (m/f)

Please welcome to my blog today, fellow Breathless Press author J.M. Powers!

Hello, I'm a guest blogger and I don't know what to write about. Can I just sit here, munch on chocolate and watch DC Juris write his books?

Okay…stop drumming your fingers, DC I'm on it.

What should I talk about? Me? Why I write? What inspiration I draw from?

Seriously now, do people really want to know the inner thoughts of an author who writes about time-travel, sorcerers, knights, whores, feisty wenches, sex and a magic stone? Hm….yeah!

*Inhales…gulps…burps.* Shit. I meant to exhale a little more attractively than that. Oh well, anything from here on out is bound to be more entertaining than that.

I'm J.M. Powers, highly acclaimed, bestselling romance author. I am frickin insane not normal. I don't wish to be and I think the people who come at me with strait jackets give the ol' side-eye are really wishing they could act stupid in public too.

Why do I write? I'm inspired by the smallest things, and the characters come alive in my head. So I set them free in my books.

Let's move on to the whole time-travel-sorcerer-knight-whore-wench thing. Oh, and the MAGIC STONE.

Let's start with what inspired me to write For All Time.

I was walking my dog in a nature reserve on my island. Yes I live on an island, and yes I call it mine even though I don't own it. (I should've warned you I ramble. Bear with me.)

My dog is frickin nuts. He barked at a coyote, a fox and my sunglasses. Though he simply wanted to play, his bark would sound a lot like I want to fucking eat your face off to a stranger. I wondered what he'd do if a stranger was hanging out in the trees. Then wondered why I thought that. I scared myself and high-tailed it back to my truck.

That's how For All Time came about. A guy in a tree. A girl walking her dog near said tree. He's hot. She's kinda freaked out and the dog is…you got it. Barking like he wants to eat the guys face off. Until hottie dude falls out of the tree. Then ferocious canine wants to play. So does she.


Book Two, Timeless Valentine, was inspired by a bank I worked at.

No, wait.

The bank didn't inspire a damn thing. It was a lap- me- up hot guy standing in line at the bank. Every teller wanted to wait on him. Yum. Inspiration indeed. I started scribbling the idea for my next book right then. Call me a nerd.

In the book, a teller wants hot-guy-customer. Until he puts a rock on her counter and says it led him to her. Yeah. Uh. Wanna just make a deposit in me instead?

Now for book three… STOLEN TIME. Today is release day!

This book was inspired by a minor character in book one Let me tell you, this woman, Margery, refused to stop stabbing my mind with a dagger until I told her story.. (Medieval people and their daggers. Sheesh!)

So, in honor of Margery, who actually stole the magic stone and traveled to modern day….

I'm giving away one copy of Stolen Time to a lucky commenter on this post. Winner contacted via email and announced on my blog

Thank you DC Juris, for having me!

You can read more about these books at, Amazon and most places e-books are sold. Hey, you should visit my blog too. There, you'll find book trailers, blurbs, buy links and more. I'll happy dance until my boss tells me to get back to work be honored if you become a follower, but it's not a requirement for the give-away.


  1. I enjoyed reading the post. It was a bit different. I am heading over to your blog now.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. I enjoyed reading the post. It was a bit different.

    1. Different is a great place. Thanks for commenting

  3. As a person who finds writing very difficult, it's always interesting to see what inspires other people!! Thanks for sharing. :)

    apileofgoodthings @

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah, weird stuff is bound to inspire me. :)