Friday, May 31, 2013

Flash Fiction - Cat Tale

Flash Fiction – "Cat Tale" by DC Juris

I answered the knock against my better judgment, it being after eight at night, and I being in rather a grumpy mood. My left eyebrow arched of its own accord as I took in the scene on the other side of the threshold. Angelo, the hunk from three doors down and frequent star of my masturbatory fantasies, stood clutching a white cat in his arms against his deliciously bare chest, gazing down at it. I cleared my throat. "Can I help you?"

He looked up, eyes glittering. "You're a vet, right?" He thrust the cat at me. "This is Midnight. I think she's sick."

"Midnight, hmm?" I gathered up the furry bundle and nodded him inside. "Most people name white cats Snowball or something like that." I sat Midnight down on my kitchen table. "Hold onto her, will ya?"

"Yeah, well, I'm not most people," he answered as he moved to the table. He cooed and whispered to her while I found my stethoscope.

"What are her symptoms?" I asked, fishing for my penlight in my bag.

"Symptoms?" He shrugged. "Nothing specific."

I checked her out, all the while realizing she wasn't the only one under scrutiny. Angelo seemed more interested in watching me than the results of his cat's exam. To test my theory, I dropped my penlight on purpose, and the resulting gasp as I bent over, showing off my tight-shorts covered ass, confirmed my suspicions. I straightened. "There's nothing wrong with your cat, as far as I can see."

"No?" Angelo rubbed the back of his neck. "Huh." He glanced around, then fixed me with a heated stare and a sexy smile. "Well, since I'm here, maybe you can help me out with something?"

I took a step toward him, gliding my hand along the tabletop until it made contact with his. "What's that?"

He licked his lips. "I seem to have this...lump." He reached down and palmed his cock through his jeans. "It crops up every time I think about you."

I grinned and nodded. "I'm not a human doctor"--I covered his hand with my own, brushed my lips across his--"but I'm more than happy to take a look."

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