Saturday, December 1, 2012

R.J. Scott's Christmas Blog Hop

Even though we're not what most would consider "traditional" folks, Hubby and I have a couple Christmas traditions.

First is the Annual Elephant Ornament Hunt. We buy one new elephant ornament each year, and finding them is harder than you might think. This begins as soon as stores start putting out Christmas stuff. We're both on the hunt, and whoever finds the ornament first calls the other. We skip the pleasantries and just blurt out "FOUND IT!" LOL The only rule is that the trunk has to be pointing upward. A downward trunk is considered bad luck in some societies.

Second, we always put the tree up on the weekend after Thanksgiving. No matter what.

Third, Hubby puts the star on the tree after it's all decorated.

What are your traditions?

Leave a comment below with your answer, and you'll be entered to win a free pdf copy of your choice of one of my books, found at


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  1. Our tradition is to forget all of both or our families traditions and make our own. It is less painful that way. chellebee66(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. We don't really have a tradition. Sadly, I think... lol
    We just all try to be together... though, this year we're all going to be apart for one reason or another. But yeah... oh! wait, well... my mom always makes a specific food for X-mas. She never fails. mmmm~ It's so good... She always makes BOTH Pupusas and Tamales. ahh! I can't wait now that I'm thinking about it! lol...

    Thanks for the contest!


  3. I make homemade Spanish eggnog and we drink it while doing the tree.

  4. for me and my brother it's ordering take out on christmas eve and watching old christmas movies

  5. We always go out and chop down our own tree on Black shopping for us, that's our family day. We spend getting the tree, decorating & sometimes baking! Thanks for the chance to win :) raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  6. We don't have much of a tradition. Christmas Eve with extended family, Christmas morning opening presents and hanging out in out PJ's until lunch, then usually dinner with more family.
    Thanks for participating!

  7. We put up our tree December 1st growing up and it didn't come down until March 4th. The day before my birthday. My mom loves the tree. :)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  8. We always open gifts on Christmas Eve, and I'm very grateful that some family friends bring us (amazing) homemade tamales every year!


  9. Hi! Thank you for the giveaway.
    As far as Christmas traditions go, we don't have anything really special or exciting. We just all get together for an early lunch, we spend the day opening gifts, eating, swimming and just enjoying each others company.

  10. I love your elephant tradition! We don't have any unusual traditions. We do get advent calendars every year. The kind with the little chocolate behind each door. It's something I've always done since I was a kid and I refuse to give it up as an adult.

    JYL22075 at gmail dot com

  11. It would be more about food, such as always having some eggnog, chestnuts for the Holidays. That is a really cute tradition about the elephant ornament.

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  12. we put up a beautiful D56 village that hubby built a gorgeous mountain scene for

  13. Our big tradition is watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I would like to just watch it once on Thanksgiving night when we get home from dinner, but we usually end up watching it at least once a day if not more. It is funny the first, oh 15 times or so! LOL

    Thanks so much for the giveaway and being a part of the amazing hop!

    Happy Holidays,

  14. Well, unfortunately, my tradition has hit a snafu this year. Back in April, we had a shed fire at my home. Every holiday item we had was destroyed--trees, lights, wreaths, stockings, ornaments, cards, other decorations, etc. Some of the ornaments were ones that I had made as a child, but most were an eclectic collection that my hubby & I have accumulated over the last 24 years. Every year, we'd put up the 2 trees and I'd unwrap the ornaments and reminisce about where we got each one..."OH, do you remember when we got this one from your mother" or "We got this one at the street fair in Florida," etc. I know that the fire could have been so much worse. The house wasn't damaged, and we and the pets were safe...and I knew that I would be sad come December because of this, but I wasn't quite prepared for how I would mourn this loss of tradition. I'm looking forward to creating new traditions...once I get out of this funk!
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  15. This is my first christmas with out most of my family because my mom and sister and her kids are going to visit my other sister. So are first year tradition with just me, my son, and fiance is to get our first christmas tree! And ornaments and decorations.

    Deborah H

  16. After my mom died and dad remarried we had Christmas traditions. Not so much anymore. My son and I made salt dough ornaments this year and I think that we will start making them every year.
    As far as the type of book you write, who cares, if it's written well I will like it. Thank you for the giveaway and for being a part of the hop.

  17. We don't really have any traditions except for decorating the tree and putting up lights. Relatives visit after Christmas.


  18. Holiday Traditions..
    My family and few close friends have a holiday cookie get together where everyone who is invited bring atleast 5 dozen cookies each and we do a fill the tin where everyone gets to sample different types of cookies (there is usually a couple of people who bring fudge and other goodies)

    My daughters go the weekend prior to Christmas
    to my parents home to decorate thier tree (something they started about 5 years back)Then they take them to live Navity Scene..

    Christmas Eve, my daughters get open there stockings and then we watch Polar Express..

    On Christmas day we divide and conquer seeing the family, mine in the am for brunch and boyfriend's in the afternoon & for dinner..


  19. Years ago when I was a kid we start with the tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. I've carried that with me to my own family. The kids always remind me starting days before that they get 1 gift on the night before. lol


  20. We always open our new pjs packages on Christmas Eve, so everyone will look nice in the Christmas morning pictures.

  21. We decorate the tree together & enjoy looking at the ornaments that the kids have made when they were younger. On Christmas morning, we have breakfast & then gather around the tree to open the gifts. Thanks for being part of this hop & the giveaway!

  22. It used to be that I would gather the kids and have them decorate the bottom of the tree while I did the top. Then they grew and were not as interested in decorating any longer so I was always stuck with the task. *sigh*

    Happy Holidays to you and your family~!


  23. we put the christmas tree up the day after thanksgiving then on christmas eve we all open one present
    kaholgate at ymail dot com

  24. I don't really have any specific traditions anymore. I do generally try to go to my brother's and sister's houses to see them and my nieces & nephews.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  25. Every year we put up the Christmas tree on the weekend of Thanksgiving. We all spend Saturday together and make it a big deal.
    Great giveaway!
    Merry Christmas