Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recent Blog Hop Winners!

Late as usual, but here are my winners:

Purrrfectly Giftastic Hop: nancy ( - pdf copy of "Perfect Christmas"

Holiday Gifts of Love Hop: Kimberly Holgate (kaholgate at ymail dot com) - pdf copy of "Tenacious Bea and the Bite of Destiny"

Meet the Family Hop:  Penumbra (penumbrareads(at)gmail(dot)com) - pdf copy of "Family Matters" (and nope, didn't have to take the cat to the vet - she um... ::ahem:: took care of matters on her own!)

Christmas Wishes Blog  Hop - There were five winners for this one!

Winner #1:  Urb (brendurbanist at gmail dot com) - pdf copy of "Omarati"

Winner #2:  ad0ffae6-78f6-11e1-8cde-000bcdcb5194 (koozebane(at)yahoo(Dot)com) - pdf copy of "Two of a Kind"

Winner #3: SheriV (smurfettev AT gmail DOT com) - pdf copy of "Relearning the Ropes"

Winner #4: Jbst (strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com) - pdf copy of "Who Better than Canyon".
 Winner #5:  Wendy Hoffman ( - pdf copy of "No Place Like Home" 

****If you haven't been contacted yet, 
you'll hear from me tonight!****

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