Friday, May 4, 2012

New Release!!!

Cam doesn’t know what he resents more, the wake-up call or losing his day off. That is, until he finds out he’ll be riding the route with Axel, the tattooed hunk that haunts his dreams. Turns out Axel’s got a special delivery for his young partner.


Axel jumped down from the truck and strolled across the street, not bothering to wait for traffic; it stopped for him, just as Camden had predicted. He waited as Axel rang the bell, then chatted and laughed with the woman who answered the door and took the package. Camden shifted in his seat, his pants growing uncomfortably tight at the sight of Axel sauntering back to join him.

They drove on in silence, Axel tapped his fingers on the steering wheel to some mental tune, and Camden tried to figure out the significance of Axel's announcement, and wondered if Axel's question about the offer of a cock-sucking meant anything, either. Not that a geeky guy like him could get a biker stud like Axel, but he could dream. Again…and again…

Axel steered the truck into a left turn and stepped on the gas, quickly leaving all traces of civilization behind. Camden had been out to this part of town before, but, as always, the sheer lack of humanity startled him. No other cars passed them, no pedestrians got in their way, no kids played in yards—hell, there were barely any yards at all for the first mile or so, and after that, none.

At the final stop, Axel turned to Camden, bottom lip caught between his teeth. "Come with me on this one?" he asked. "You know, in case the guy really is mega creepy or whatever."

"Sure." Though the house looked rather nice, and not at all creepy, but the idea of just being seen next to Axel made Camden want to grab for his crotch and try to settle down his perking cock.

Halfway up the path, Axel turned to face him and tossed the package to the ground. "I lied."

"What?" Camden bent immediately to retrieve the box, but Axel grabbed his shoulder to stop him.

"We're not here to deliver a package. Well, I guess technically one of us is. But"—he rubbed his crotch—"it's not for anyone inside the house." He stalked Camden, maneuvering Camden back against a tree. Axel leaned in for a long, deep kiss; then threw his head back with a laugh. "God, I've wanted to do that since we met."

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