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The Love Stallion Challenge

This is an old post that originally appeared in my long-defunct LiveJournal account. I found it while looking for something else, and figured I'd move it over here. I didn't, as the 8/12/09 entry implies, end up in any WIP I'd been working on at the time, but it does give a little bit away about the Calliph/Mateo #3 story (so far untitled) I'm working on. But maybe it's enticing? LOL Enjoy. 

The "Love Stallion" Challenge

  • Aug. 12th, 2009 at 12:10 AM
::giggle:: So... earlier today - well, yesterday, to be accurate - I was on twitter and Author Sara Bell (wavyscribe) and I were discussing the phrase "love stallion," which she had read in an ebook.

Now... I guess I finally have to come clean and admit it:  I *love* purple prose. I grew up reading romance novels full of heaving mounds of creamy satin skin and throbbing tumescent love shafts.  And the deep watches of the night... when no one else in the world is near to hear it...I heave a sad sigh that we've progressed all the way to nipples and cocks.

I don't *use* purple prose, of course.  ::cough::  At least not in my writing...  ::nervous chuckle:: ANYWHO... I do, however, like to poke fun at it in my writing when I can.  So when all the earlier talk about love stallions lead to a mention of a man pole... the challenge was on.  So here it is, my attempt to use both in a way that won't make you vomit (hopefully).

This is a snippet from my current WIP.  It's rough still, and I have *NO* idea where I'm going to put it, but it's going in there by god!


Nostrils flared, muscles taut, hair falling around him in shimmering waves, Mateo oddly reminded Calliph of a horse—a stallion he'd known in his childhood, to be more specific, named Love because of his habit of nibbling and licking people's necks. The werewolf smiled wickedly. My own little love stallion. Oh, Mateo would adore that nickname, wouldn't he? "Come here, my little love stallion," he whispered, barely able to keep a straight face.
"Your what?" Mateo gaped.
"Don't like it? I think it fits you perfectly." 
"It sounds like something out of a sex story. Next you'll be asking to impale me with your man-pole." 
"Man-pole!" Calliph roared with laughter. It was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard, but that didn't stop his cock from twitching at the sound of it on his lover's lips. "Where did you read such naughty tales, stallion?" 
"They left them with me in the sick ward. It was part of my treatment." 
The werewolf grimaced, having forgotten for a moment that the well-adjusted cat he shared his life with had once been a helpless captive, just like him. "I'm a right bastard, Teo. I didn't even think—"
"No, really, it's kind of funny." Mateo chuckled. "I rather liked reading them. It was the only time I laughed in there." He pushed a lock of hair back from Calliph's face. "I can be your love stallion if you want."
"Does that mean I get to impale you with my man-pole?" Calliph licked the pointy tip of Mateo's ear. 
Mateo shivered and sighed, pressing into the contact. "You can impale me with anything you like!"

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  1. This sounds good to me. What's not to like about a love stallion, a man-pole and men who can laugh? All three are sexy thoughts for me. :)