Monday, October 2, 2017

20 Random Questions

1. What is your favorite period of history of your country of origin? I'm of Scottish descent, and let's face it, there's no bad time to be a Scott, even when it sucked there.

2. What is your favorite object to collect?
Spiders, rats/mice, rosaries, moose, sock monkeys, and weird salt and pepper shakers.

3. What colour is your vehicle and why did you choose it? I don't currently have one.

4. What is your favorite non-religious 'holiday'? My only favorite holiday is Halloween.

5. Would you ever join a cult, or are you more likely to start one? Does my Star Trek fan club count? Or Gishwhes? I'm pretty sure Gishwhes counts.

6. What does your treehouse look like? I don't care for being up in trees.

7. Finish the following sentence: “If I could help anyone in the world, it would be…” Anyone who needs it.

8. Fill in the blanks: I was raised [Southern Baptist], but now I am [athiest].

9. Please confess one criminal act for which you were never caught committing: I stole food for my kids when I didn't have any money.

10. What is your greatest personal achievement to date? I survived my childhood.

11. What are three goals you have had since you were five years old? To be a writer, to be a good spouse, and to have a house that is cold enough in the summer to wear a sweater, and hot enough in the winter to wear a tank top. I have achieved all three. :-)

12. Would you tattoo someones name on or around your genitals? Ouch!! No.

13. Would you ever work on a ranch or farm? I was raised on a farm and no, I never would again. I'm allergic to 99% of things that are outdoors. Unless I could be a receptionist or something.

14. Have you ever touched an exotic (to you) animal? I've touched camels, elephants, owls, snakes, armadillos - all kinds of things.

15. What is your hobby, or a short list of hobbies? Photography, home improvement, nature walks, and my doll house.

16. What is your favorite musical composition and why? I listen to everything, from Gregorian Chant to Heavy Metal, and I don't have a favorite.

17. A homeless person asks you for some spare change. You have three dollar bills in your pocket, some loose change, and a selection of ones, fives, and a ten in your wallet, together totaling 21 dollars. Your response to their request? I'd buy them some food and bring it back to them

18. Would you kill someone if you had to? For example, saving another persons life? Yes. Without hesitation.

19. What is your favorite t-shirt?  All my "Always Keep Fighting" campaign ones, my NASA one, my "Hello, Dean" one, and my Negan one.

20. Do you possess anything you consider lucky? I have a rune of travel I carry in my wallet. So far I've never had a bad traffic accident.

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