Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mini Giveaway: Kitchen Theme

Another mini giveaway!

This one is kitchen themed. There's 2 cheese knives, a calendar, a timer, a recipe box, a silicone pot holder, 4 toast stamps, a note pad, and a bottle opener.

To enter to win, just leave a comment below and tell me your favorite kitchen or cooking memory.

Be sure to include your e-mail. Contest ends 6/28/13 at Noon EST.

Good luck!!

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  1. I think my best cooking memory is being in the kitchen with my mom and her teaching me how to make her homemade tacos. I still make them to this day and my mom has been gone for two years now so I always think of her when I make them.


  2. I loved making Christmas cookies with my daughter. We had so much fun and we all looked forward to it.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. So many memories for one room. Making cookies with my daughters, making pizzas with my grandsons but maybe the best was coming home from work and finding my new husband making dinner. Wow, what a great surprise! That was the good husband not the first one.

  4. My favorite kitchen was my grandmother's. I was partial to this one mostly because of the great memories we created there.

  5. My 9 year old "helped" me make chicken noodle soup a few days ago. Lots of fun and LOTS of mess!!!


  6. My son always tries to help me in the kitchen. My fav memory though is the first time he wanted to make breakfast for daddy. I think most of the eggs ended up on the floor before they hit the pan! Lol

    wendynjason04 at gmail dot com

  7. Hmm. I love cooking. Every year, my mema would do something special with us kids. We made homemade chocolate cherry candy, sugar cookies, homemade gingerbread houses, caramel apples, tons of different pies. I always looked forward to the summer, to have some quality time with my mema. She found the coolest desert recipes to make. They were always to fun! I cant really say i have only one favorite memory. I love them all. Especially since my mema and i dont talk anymore. She turned into a terrible person, got into drugs, etc. But i love to think about when i was younger. She was sweet, nice and so fun! Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite kitchen memory is succeeding at cooking rice...


  9. I guess my favorite kitchen memories are of my sister, mother, & I all working on Thanksgiving dinners together (although I will admit that I take the easier, less likely to be screwed up jobs, lol)
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  10. My favorite cooking memory is making mini cupcakes with my grandson. *Flyhead* and I spent about 3 hours making cupcakes for his last day of school. We had batter, icing and sprinkles everywhere. He doesn't get much encouragement at home, so to see the delight and happiness on his face was well worth the mess!!!

  11. My favorite kitchen memory is anytime I don't burn, cut or otherwise mutilate myself <3 and dinner is still edible lol But I do remember when my Grammy was still alive sitting at her kitchen counter and she would always find something for me to help with no matter what she was making.

    you know my email lol