Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Point of Publication

A while back, I had a situation with an industry professional where we couldn't come to an agreement on something. Early on, there were warning signs this would be the case, but I ignored them. In the end, the person became personally offended over something I was trying to rationally explain. When it came down to either biting back or biting my tongue, I bit back. The person annoyed me and wasted my time, and I told them that. They were even further insulted, of course. I forwarded the entire conversation to a couple trusted fellow authors, who both agreed I was in the right. One said I'd been too nice, the other admonished that, while they saw my point, I should've politely held my tongue from the very beginning and just waited to be to shown how things were going to be. When I asked why on Earth I should compromise my integrity, the answer was "if they run their mouth it could hurt your sales."



This is the one factor over which myself and my fellow authors differ pretty much all the time. I'm not in this industry for the money. It's a nice bonus, but it's not the point. For me, publication is about finality. I have a fetish for finishing things, and a book isn't finished until it's published.

It's all about getting my characters' stories out there. Insuring that their names will live in immortality - that people will know they existed. That's the point of publication for me. Not the money. Not the awards. Not the best-seller status.

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