Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gluten Free - Day 4

Today was Day 4. Had my cereal lunch and chips snack at work again today. Didn't get sick!

Tonight for dinner I had Minute Ready to Serve Natural Whole Grain Brown Rice (which is gluten free) with Hormel canned chicken (also gluten free) seasoned with ginger (fresh ground and powdered b/c I get lazy with the grinder) and pan "fried" in I Can't Believe it's Not Butter (gluten free). I topped it with Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry sauce (which doesn't say it's gluten free on it, but according to Ocean Spray, it is). YUM! I like to cook the chicken until it's crispy and brown, and sort of caramelizes the ginger.  Didn't get sick.

As a side note, for those who grew up not liking Minute Rice, I have to say the flavor and texture of what's available now is a LOT different and much better.

For snack tonight, we made another attempt at gluten free pizza. We used Schar Pizza Crust, topped it with Prego spaghetti sauce, the local grocery store brand pizza cheese mix, and pepperoni slices. I've done the spaghetti sauce before on what Hubby and I call "Poor Man's Pizzas" (english muffins with sauce and some pepperoni) and it wasn't bad. In a larger quantity like this though, I think I want to try to find an actual pizza sauce for next time. It just tastes different to me. As far as the pizza crust - not bad. Not the best crust - reminded me of like Tonys frozen pizzas - but definitely better than last night's pizza. I had to cook it about 10 minutes longer than the box instructions, but that could just be my oven - it's a tiny little thing and takes longer on everything.

None if it made me sick, which makes me question if I actually *am* lactose intolerant, because I dumped an ass load of cheese on the pizza, and it didn't bother me. Maybe the issue was the gluten all along.

Another product I wanted to mention is:

Lundberg Rice Chips - Sesame and Seaweed. These are tasty! They have a subtle flavor, but it's a hearty one. Very nice!

Also, have figured out, by looking up ingredients and trial and error - I can have Almond Joy Pieces and Payday candy bars, which is awesome, as I love both!

Another product I tried (and I can't remember if I mentioned this one, but I don't think I did) is:

Pamela's Products Ginger with Sliced Almond cookies. These are very good! They're soft, so you don't get that CRUNCH that you like with Ginger Snaps, but the ginger flavor is there, and the almond gives a next texture change.


  1. Are you guys getting the recipes from somewhere or just winging it. These all sound awesome.

  2. Mostly winging it. LOL Hubby is a great cook, and I've never been afraid to just throw crap into a pan and see how it tastes. A while back I squired vanilla into my wild rice, and threw in coconut. Um. Yuck. LOL I'm pretty sure that's not how they make coconut rice! But I love ginger - I'll sprinkle that stuff on *everything*! LOL

  3. Thats awesome. I'm an awful cook unless I have a recipe written down and I stay in the kitchen and stare at it. Lol but all of your stuff sounds good, maybe minus the coconut rice : p

  4. LMAO Yeah, the rice was a pretty giant disaster.