Sunday, June 21, 2015

A little snippet...

Here's a little bit of what I'm working on right now...

Silence. Korden stood in the doorway, his mind racing, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides, his nostrils pulling in the odors of blood, sweat, and unmentionable other things. Pain, fear and desperation rolled off his brother in waves, souring his scent, taunting Korden's alpha instincts. His lungs strained to work beyond the crushing pressure of emotion in his chest. But above all this, he knew, years later, it would be the silence he remembered most. Sokel stood next to him, not moving, not daring to breathe, eyes riveted, as his were, to the huddled, naked form chained in the corner. He heard Sokel swallow hard, thought the sound verily echoed off the cold, filthy walls. With a strangled sound, the healer finally broke free of their mutual trance and moved forward, striding with more certainty than Korden assumed either one of them felt. He remained where he was, watching intently as Sokel approached and crouched, then pulled back abruptly as a snarl filled the air and Rennett’s teeth barely missed taking the fingers off the healer’s outstretched hand.

Sokel turned to him. “Korden?”

And he was already moving, drawn to Rennett by bone-deep instinct. In his mind’s eye, he could see their link, golden and gossamer, lighting the way forward. He sank to his knees as Sokel slid back. “Renny?”

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