Friday, November 2, 2012

Delilah's Passion by Sarah Bella

Meet the Deans

Meet Aiden Dean:

“Shaggy, dark hair, lean muscular arms with a hint of tattoo ink peeking out from under one shirtsleeve and what looked to be a full sleeve on the other arm. He had a cleft chin and a sharp jaw sprinkled with stubble. His jeans were snug, and it was all Delilah could do to avoid looking at the bulge in the front of them.”

Aiden is the current owner of Dean’s, a family owned and operated ice cream shop in tiny Fawn Lake, Minnesota. He’s not looking for a relationship, but when one stumbles into Dean’s, even he can’t help but take a second look.

Meet Delilah Steele:

“Her short hair reflected the sunlight in a way that told Aiden she paid a fortune for her color. The body underneath her dark grey tank top and denim shorts told him that she did something more than sit on the couch and eat bonbons all day. Her big, dangly silver earrings and matching bracelets told him that she cared about her appearance. Her strappy wedge sandals told him that she knew how to have fun – if she could loosen her hold on her own reigns for just a minute.”

Delilah is Fawn Lake’s very own prodigal daughter. She’s coming home after a decade long absence. There’s only one way for this trip to end – happily-ever-after.

Title: Delilah’s Passion
Author:  Sarah Bella
Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Length:   193 pages
Sub-Genres:  contemporary, erotic
Delilah Steele was living the high life.  She had a high-powered job, a man she loved and nothing was holding her back.  When her world, and her trust, was irrevocably shattered by the man she loved, Delilah had no choice but to return to the town she grew up in – and couldn’t wait to leave.  There, she goes to work for Aiden Dean, a handsome heartbreaker who seems to have his eye on Delilah. When Delilah’s long-absent father arrives on the scene, she has to figure out how to cope with his presence and desire to be a part of her life.  Now Delilah has to learn how to live – and love – all over again.  Will her hard knocks past continue to haunt her, or will Aiden break through her tough exterior and show her that forever can be a good thing?



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  1. Love the descriptions! Looks like another one to add to the TBR. ;)