Saturday, September 22, 2012

Naughty or Nice Giveaway Hop

I'm not really al *or* type of person... so for my giveaway, I'm offering up a naughty AND a nice book! One lucky winner will receive both of these books in pdf format!

On the naughty side, we've got the very smexy "Down on the Farm." Here's the blurb:

Alastair Luna has come to Cherry Grove, Pennsylvania to immerse himself in country living as research for his next book. Cherry Grove is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of New York City, but Alastair discovers that some things, like attraction and lust, are universal.

And on the nice side, we've got "Who Better Than Canyon" (which contains no sex, btw. See what I did there??) Here's the blurb:

When Canyon's ex-lover, Robert, dies, he leaves behind a last request that Canyon take word of his passing to Simon, an old friend on the east coast. Canyon reluctantly agrees, and soon finds himself falling for Simon, despite the nagging belief he shouldn't. Canyon is plagued by guilt over his part in the accident that claimed Robert's life. But Simon knows something Canyon doesn't: Robert's death wasn't an accident, but a suicide, and Robert's intent was for the two men he left behind to come together. But Robert's plan didn't account for two things: Simon's disbelief that anyone can truly love a soon-to-be-cripple, and Canyon's staunch decision that the next man he gives himself to will give him a wedding ring first. Can Canyon and Simon set aside their own issues long enough to see what lies between them, or will they both miss out on their happily ever after?

Interested yet? :-) To enter, just follow these two simple instructions:

1. Follow my blog.
2. Leave a comment with your e-mail (be sure to include your follower name if it's not obvious.)

That's it!

Easy Peasy!

GOOD LUCK!! And don't forget to click on the image at the top to visit all the other fabulous blogs in the hop!

****PLEASE BE AWARE: I write GLBTQ romance. GLBTQ stands for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer. This means my works feature same sex relationships AND same sex sexual acts. If winning that kind of a book isn't your cup of tea, kindly pass on to the next blog in the hop and leave the spot open for someone else. Thank you.****


  1. I am definitely interested in both the naughty and nice stories. It sounds like the nice one may require a box of tissues though. :D

    Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.
    GFC: Sophia Rose
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  2. I follow your blog and love your work. When I saw the book was set in PA that made it even more intriguing....where I live....Just many hours a day do you devote to writing?

    1. Hi Yvette! I'm so glad you like my work!! :-)

      I don't get to spend as much time writing as I'd like, sadly. On most days, I'm lucky if I get even an hour or two in. Wednesdays are my day off from The Evil Day Job, so I spend most of Wednesday locked away in my writing office, and then I grab as much time as possible on Sat/Sun. Winter is easier for finding time because there aren't as many home improvement projects going on! LOL

  3. I follow your blog already! Thanks so much for being willing to give away your hard work.

  4. I follow your blog.Thanks for the blog hop.

  5. Great choices for the giveaway.

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  6. I definitely like reading naughty…so much more fun!!!
    Thanks for the hop!!

  7. Love the excerpts. Count me in. I follow by email.

  8. Thanks for the hop giveaway. I am a follower. Enjoyed the excerpts!

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  10. Naughty, if you please! I follow via e-mail.


  11. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
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  12. Thanks for the giveaway.
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  15. Naughty is always appreciated...nice only sometimes :) Please count me in for the contest. I follow! Thank you, Michelle

  16. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  17. thanks for the giveawway!

  18. Naughty and nice! Can't wait to read them, your books are awesome!

    GFC: Emily


  19. Naughty and Nice?! Awesome!! I love naughty best though ;) ;) I follow via GFC: Ashley Applebee
    Ashley A

  20. I love 'em naughty. Thx for hopping.

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