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Hot Angels and Cool Demons Blog Tour Continues With...


::waves:: Hi folks.

Hopefully there's some new people here, maybe ones who don't know me. For those who don't, I'm DC Juris, and I write gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and heterosexual romance. ::coughs:: Okay, okay. I write smut. But it's romantic smut! erm...Mostly!!!

Anyhow, the lovely Jay Di Meo ( invited me to participate in the Hot Angels and Cool Demons Blog Tour, and since I can't say "no" to Jay (who can, really??) here's my contribution.

My very first stand alone (not anthology) publication was a book at Torquere Press called "On God's Honor."

Here's the blurb:

Ekenezer has no idea why Nathan Bradley is so important, or why God has sent him to guard a hapless klutz. But one look at Nathan and Ekenezer soon finds that he has more than protective feelings for his ward. What’s an angel to do, though, when having the one person he’s ever wanted means giving up his wings for eternity? 

Although I was still new to the writing world and the book lacked a lot of the polish of my current releases, "On God's Honor" still garnered fairly good reviews, which was awesome for my first time out. No five star ratings, mostly three stars, though looking back, that's fair. The contract expired earlier this year, so the book is currently out of circulation.

At this point, I'm excited to start a rewrite on it--give it all the details and love it needs, and resubmit it to Breathless Press. I think my editor Mason and I could make it a really, really good piece!

After "On God's Honor" originally came out, I received a few e-mails asking me why I'd chosen an angel for a gay romance, and why in the name of Heaven had I made God a gay-sympathetic character??? (Yep, I wrote God into the book, too. Nothing is sacred with me!)

The short answer is that I find the idea of an angel in any sort of sexual relationship extremely erotic. Think about it: a messenger and representative of God, holy, incorruptible...until they meet a certain human. Suddenly they're tempted. Emotions and desires they'd buried, or even thought they'd never experience, come rushing to the forefront. Do they give up their wings for their lover? It's a dilemma they never even imagined. Think about the power there, of the average human being. Most of us can barely convince others to do what we want, we remain incapable of winning arguments against the most zealous of people, yet we tempt angels. And what greater show of devotion and love, but to cast yourself down for your soul mate?

Of course, in my book, that doesn't happen. In "On God's Honor," I portray God as a character sensitive to the needs--carnal and otherwise--of his angels. He admits that such things take place far more often than he'd like to admit, but the goal is to keep the humans safe, and he'll do whatever that takes. Even if it means turning a blind eye to certain activities.

But there's a larger reason for writing God in such a way--affirmation. You see, it's my belief that, if there is a God, he knew what he was doing when he made each and every one of us. To think otherwise is to give dominion to the other side, or, worse, to suggest the All Powerful makes mistakes. In essence, you can't have it both ways. If I'm a transgender bisexual, it's because I was meant to be. Else the Man Upstairs doesn't know what he's which case you throw the believers into chaos!

I'll admit I'm an Atheist. I've never been quiet or shy about that fact, so writing a book about an angel raised some eyebrows among people who knew me. Who was I to claim enough knowledge to speak about God and Heaven? Well, I didn't. I'm not a theological expert. I claim enough knowledge to speak about love, nothing more.

Some people suggested that, because I'm an Atheist, I wrote the book as a slap in the face to God and organized religion. To them, I've said that if love is a slap in the face to organized religion, then you're doing it wrong. O.o

I'm looking forward to diving back into this story, and seeing what can be added and tweaked. It sort of feels like visiting an old friend.


  1. Damn blogger. Yours is another site I can't get onto without changing my browser. Ah - now I'm here and smiling at idea that being an atheist doesn't qualify you to write about angels. If I'd had all the hot sex I write about, I'd be a puddle on the floor. We all use the knowledge we have and stretch it!

  2. Now I know that Daniel can't say no to me, I must think of asking him to write many other posts... or a story for me! Because he's one of my fav authors. :)
    What a great post, Daniel! Your story sounds amazing and the temptation of angels is a driving force of my stories as well - I think it's a great conflict to explore.
    As for writing a God who loves all of us for who and what we are, because God made us that way - I think it makes you more religious than most in the sense of someone who truly believes God is love and perfection. Because we are all perfect in our own ways. :)
    Let us know when your book is out!!

  3. I am a forbidden love addict. It's one of the reasons I love m/m romance. Sex with an angel then adding in the gay aspect is like hitting the forbidden love lottery! . Same goes for Demons. Sacrifice kind of goes in hand in hand with forbidden love, and angels/demons have lots of opportunity for that.

  4. Ditto to what Barbara and Jay said. Your story sounds fantastic, and you described the deal with writing about 'sacred' subjects perfectly.
    I'm looking forward to your release!

  5. Hi DC,

    Sounds like an awesome story.

    I wish you the best on the rewrite.


  6. Great post Dc! You know there are hot button topics that, should a writer dare delve into, will result in a barrage of emails,politics and religion being two of them.

    As a fellow member of the church of "nothing's sacred," I can totally understand what it's like to have to have your choices questioned. I keep thinking to myself, "It's called 'fiction' for a reason, folks!"

    Oh, and your book is fabulous, and I can't wait to read the revised version! :)

  7. Hi, DC.

    I have recently discovered your works (yeah, I've been living under a rock). But now that I've moved, I look forward in reading your novels.

    I enjoyed your post.

    Tracey D

  8. Marvelous post and I'm just discovering angels and demons and wow are they hot. The more authors I find the better it gets, and I just can't wait to read more of this...*S*
    Thank you for the blog tour, and of course for the angels and demons!


  9. Great post. The blurb for your book sounds wonderful.

  10. Hi everyone!! I'm so glad you all stopped by and commented! I've been laid up today so I've been away from the computer and am just now having a chance to catch up, so sorry for not responding sooner!!

    @Barbara - Oh, hell, honey - if I'd done all the sexual things I've written about I'd probably be in jail in a couple states!! LOL

    @Jay - ::blushes:: Well thank you for the kind words dear! And you know you're one of my favorite people - and far too fabulous to say no to! (Is this where I give you the speech about only using your powers for good? LOL)

    @Sharon - Oh yes! What's better than forbidden sex? Forbidden BUTT sex!

    @Arlene - Thanks so much! I hope to have it out next year! ::fingers crossed::

    @Michael - Thanks very much!

    @Kiernan - ::tackles and snuggles:: There, now that we've got that out of the way... LOL Thanks! I'm so glad you liked the first version and I hope you like the Shiny New and Improved one even more!!

    @Tracey - That's okay! I'm still fairly new and unnoticed so no worries!

    @Darcy - I'm glad you've discovered this little nook of the genre and are enjoying it as much as we writers are enjoying writing it!

    @Sara - Thanks very much!!

  11. I think as an atheist or agnostic (like myself) one can read a religious-based story and enjoy it more...because you aren't picking out the things you've already been told are true or false. I love angel stories and I enjoy them centered around religious aspects I'm not a part of.

    The blurb sounds interesting. Thanks for the post!

  12. Sounds like it's gonna be one great story! Can hardly wait!!

    Judi P
    arella3173_loveless @

  13. I am so glad I am not alone in the "angels and erotic" area. I even bought my first drawings of angels at a local gay pride festival years ago and never looked back. There was something intangible about male angels that made my thoughts go zing. The idea of male angels and that they might just be into m/m relationships just makes me shiver all over with anticipation. Looking forward to reading your book. I also like your take on God and about Him not making mistakes. I have always held that position much to the chagrin of local religious leaders. They hate when I throw the Bible verse John 3:16 at them. I grew up Southern Baptist and Southern Baptists are as dysfunctional as the rest of the world.

  14. @Hayley - I absolutely agree. The other thing, for me, is that, since I'm not so emotionally wrapped up in the religious aspect, I can point out things that don't make sense, or that feel a little "out there" as far as reality. Because my angel lives in contemporary US, he has to deal with real-world issues.

    @Judi - Thanks very much!

    @ Rdhowell71 - Yeah, I grew up in a Southern Baptist family as well. They disapproved of my religious views, but once I came out as gay they kind of forgot all about that. LMAO

  15. Sorry, I'm not new! But I am new on your blog and just became a follower ^.^

    eripike @ gmail . com

  16. Hi Erica!! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for following me! My list has gone from tiny little 5 to 12! YAY!! :-D