Sunday, June 26, 2011

Introducing...Betty Bird!

This is Betty Bird.

Shortly after Hubby and I started to move in, Betty Bird decided she'd move in as well. She built this nest...

and then a few days later, laid these two eggs. 

Betty Bird is rather shy when she's on the nest, so for a while, all I was able to do was photograph her from inside the house. They're a little dark, but here is Betty Bird sitting on her nest. 

Then, this morning, we woke up to this little fella.

We have named it Tweet.

And here is proud mama Betty Bird with her little Tweet. I waited 20 minutes for this shot, standing on the top rung of a ladder, peering down at them from the top of the inside door, one hand holding two slats of my mini blinds open, the other hand trying desperately to keep the camera still! 

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