Sunday, June 21, 2015

Guess Who's Back...

Hola ya'll!

As many of you know, my main publisher, Breathless Press, closed its doors a month or so ago. At the end of June, another of my publishers is closing up shop.

This means that massively impressive backlist of mine is now homeless.

I'm working on getting them all to another publisher, and I'm pleased to announce that 7 of them will be republished. I'm also working on three new stories. :-)

And yeah, I know my website is down. There's a couple reasons for that - for one, it needs a revamp, and two I need to switch to something that's free, at least until I get a job.

So. DC Juris is officially back.

Tell a friend.


  1. Thank you!!! (Sorry - just spotted your comment. Better late than never, and all that.)