About Me

Hi! I'm Marci Nichelle Jansen, and I write GLBTQ romance as DC Juris. 

Who am I? In a few words, I'm a Star Trek loving, cupcake making, football watching, rubber duck collecting, drag show attending, full of fabulous with a capital F kinda person. In a few more words, I'm a Southern transplant who has retained none of my accent but all of my charm, an out and proud bisexual Geek living in Upstate New York with my husband, three dogs, three cats, two Tribbles, two Ceti Alpha V eels, and a menagerie of Halloween props just creepy enough to keep people guessing about my sanity. I'm still hopelessly single when it comes to the woman in my life, and I'll gladly entertain offers or applications for the position! In the rare event that My Geekiness is not writing, I can be found watching and rewatching Star Trek (TOS), surfing the internet for porn research, stalking things I "need" on Ebay, reading, taking pictures of the world around me, or playing games on my iPhone, which I admits to being blissfully in love with. You can keep up with me at www.facebook.com/dcjuris, or www.dcjuris.com.

Here's what I think: I am more than the sum of my parts. More than a vagina, more than a penis. More than a gender, more than a sexual preference. More than my abuse, more than my raising. I am stronger than anything anyone could do to me. I am wiser than they know. I will succeed where they said I'd fail. I will blossom when they think I'll wilt. I am me. There is no other like me on the face of the planet.

In in the writing world, I'm on my way to being a force to be recokned with. Baby, I'm the coolest, most awesome badass you've ever met! ::wink::

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